Cricketer Dahani visits his childhood classroom in Larkana

LARKANA: Larkana-based fast cricket bowler Shahnawaz Dahani of the national cricket team visited the private Sindh Public School in Al-Madinah Colony here on Monday, where the principal, vice-principal, teachers and school children welcomed him and showered him with flowers.

On that occasion, the principal of the school presented him with gifts of Sindhi cap and ajrak. Shahnawaz Dahani met the school teachers and visited the classroom of his studies and also gave a lecture to the school children.

Shahnawaz Dahani said that in the year 2004, my parents enrolled me in the nursery class in the Sindh Public School, where I studied from nursery to the sixth class. He said his teachers Yamin Baloch and Aijaz Baloch trained me with quality education which has been a guiding light for me throughout my life.

The principal of the school, Yamin Baloch, said that Shahnawaz Dahani was fond of cricket since his childhood and was the owner of moral character and now we are proud of him that he is in the national cricket team and representing the nation all over the cricket world.

He said that it is also a matter of honor for the people of Larkana that Dahani belongs to Larkana. He said that young people like Shahnawaz Dahani are a source of inspiration for our young generation.