Demo held for recovery of missing persons

LARKANA:The members of Voice of Sindh (VoS) held a protest demonstration at Jinnah Bagh Wednesday and observed a token hunger strike demanding immediate recovery of all missing persons of Sindh. Sisters Aqsa Dayo and Afsana Dayo of missing Insaf Dayo and Abdul Karim Tagar, father of teacher Kashif Tagar, also joined them. They were holding placards in their hands and shouted slogans in favour of their demands.

Chief of VoS Sikander Chandio, Amjad Chandio, Salim Sindhi and others while addressing the participants said that over 70 nationalist workers have been subjected to enforced disappearances in Sindh who belong to various areas of the province adding their offence is only that they are lovers of Sindh and they always keep on talking against injustices committed with the land and people of Sindh.

They said Sindh has been constantly pushed through the wall since last 70 years and it’s natural resources, water, gas and islands are being forcibly and illegally occupied by the Centre which cannot be tolerated. They said young men are taken away from their homes in front of their sisters and mothers which can only be termed cruelty to create panic among their families and they have not yet been released since years.

They said that peaceful attendants of Sindh Sabha Long March were attacked by Ubauro police, women participants were not only chained but dragged and shifted to police stations which is inhuman act in a democratically elected government. They said cases were registered against Inam Abbasi and others which we strongly condemn and demanded withdrawal of concocted FIRs.

They also demanded relevant higher authorities, human rights bodies and other concerned officials to take notice of missing persons of Sindh or else, they added, their struggle will continue till their recovery.