Durrani urges unity to achieve national goals

KARACHI: Acting Governor Sindh, Agha Siraj Khan Durrani, while congratulating the entire nation on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Independence, said Saturday that our elders have made countless sacrifices for the sake of the dear motherland.

In his message, he said: “Freedom is a blessing and we should thank Allah Almighty for giving us an independent state, wherein followers of all religions have full freedom to perform their religious rituals and citizens of all races and colors have equal rights.”

The acting governor said that we have to work together for the development of the country in the light of the experiences of the last 75 years and now it is our responsibility to give our country a prominent place on the horizon of the world. He said that we have to follow the teaching of the founder of Pakistan and forget all our differences and work tirelessly as a united nation.

The acting governor said that we have to move forward with unity, harmony and complete uniformity to achieve national goals. Excitement on Independence Day is natural but we have to prove on the occasion that we are an organized, united and civilized nation, the acting governor said and added that in these Independence Day celebrations, we have to remember our Kashmiri brothers as they have been victims of Indian atrocities for years.

Despite the adverse conditions, the freedom spirit of the Kashmiri people is commendable, he opined. He said that India has made Occupied Kashmir the biggest prison in the world for the last three years but the day is not far when the struggle of the oppressed Kashmiri brothers will definitely bring freedom for them and our Kashmiri brothers will also breathe in free air.