Tuesday, February 7

Eid-ul-Azha expected on July 10

LARKANA: Dr Javed Iqbal, Karachi University’s Head of the Institute of Space Science and Technology, said Monday that Eid-ul-Azha is likely to be celebrated in Pakistan on July 10 and Ashura (10th Muharram) on August 8.

According to him, the Islamic date on June 29 will likewise be 29. “When the sun sets on that day, the altitude of the moon will be less than 5 degrees and the duration of the setting of the sun and the moon will be 30 minutes, so the moon will not be visible,” Dr. Javed Iqbal said.

According to the astronomer, the first Zilhaj will occur on July 1, and Eid ul Azha will be on July 10. He stated that the first Muharram will take place on July 30 and the day of Ashura (10th Muharram) will take place on August 8. Pakistanis would hope that the current heatwave will cool down by the time of Eid ul Azha, so the people can comfortably spend and enjoy their Eid in the country.