Saturday, December 3

Fact-Finding Committee on Machhar Colony lynching submits report

KARACHI: The fact-finding committee formed by the Sindh Human Rights Department on the issue of the barbaric lynching of two employees of a telecom company as a result of mob violence in Karachi’s Machhar Colony has submitted its report based on its findings into the case and recommendations to check such mob-lyncing incidents in society in the future.

Two telecom company employees, 31-year-old Muhammad Ishaq Panhwar and 28-year-old Muhammad Ayman, were brutally murdered in the last week of October, resulting in an anger across the country since videos of the incident went viral on the social media. After the killing of two innocent citizens, Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister on Human Rights Surendar Valasai took notice of the incident and directed his department to constitute a fact-finding committee to ascertain the factors behind the case as well as the increasing trends of mob lynching in the society and find ways to check them in future.

Following Mr. Valasai’s directions, the Sindh Human Rights Department constituted a four-member fact-finding committee led by well-known social and human rights activist Ayub Khoso, whose other members included Kashif Bajeer, Syed Mahmood Alam Shah Advocate and Shakra Siddiqui Advocate.

The fact-finding committee has made various recommendations in its report, including the immediate arrest of the accused, fair trial and strict punishment according to law, as well as it has been emphasized to conduct investigations and take action against such mafias, who spread false rumors in the society through social media. The report pointed out that the concerned police station is far away from Machhar Colony, therefore, a police post should be established within the locality, so that in case of such incidents or other crimes, the police can reach the scene in minimum time. To prevent such incidents in the future, the Committee has urged, an easy access of the victims to the police, women protection cell, child protection cell, media, and Human Rights Commission should be ensured.

The committee, in its report, has recommended that the training should be done on crowd management and provision and handling of equipment to scatter the mob from the incident site. It is also emphasized that the police and other law enforcement agencies need to aware communities on verifying the rumors before attempting any action and dispel the environment of fear.

The Committee formed by the Human Rights Department has urged the Sindh government to take more measures steps by implementing the rule of law to reduce intolerance/hate from the society.

Committee has underlined the registration of slums as well as the registration of illegal immigrants living there, adding that along with providing basic amenities in all urban slums, there is a need to conduct awareness programs among the residents about laws, social security institutes, human rights bodies, women and child protection cells.

The report said that all private companies, organizations and institutions who are working at different areas need to inform nearby police stations about their interventions and working in the particular area, adding that all employees should have training and instructions on general and job-specific safety practices, besides, provision of temporary number plates or Logos of company including their helpline or complaint number on the official vehicles of company.

It should be noted that the fact-finding committee formed by the Sindh Human Rights Department had visited the scene of the incident as well as the entire area of the Machhar Colony and met all the concerned persons and officials before preparing their report and recommendations. The report also points out the legitimate problems of the Machhar Colony and the difficulties faced by the population living there.