Glowing tribute paid to noted journalist Anwar Pirzado on his death anniversary

KARACHI: A glowing tribute was paid to renowned journalist and intectual of Sindh, Anwar Pirzado, on his 16th death anniversary observed at Karachi Press Club, where senior journalists and intellectuals applauded his services in the field of journalism and said that his thought-provoking write-ups in the newspapers, including English and Sindhi, were widely hailed.

Addressing the ceremony, Zaid Pirzado said that Anwar Pirzado’s journalism was an innovative and thought-provoking and such journalism is not available in this era. “The anniversaries of great men are observed to learn lessons from them, understand their ideas and extend their thoughts,” he added.

Sultana Waqasi said that Anwar Pirzado understood women as human beings and that was why he always accorded them importance of humanity. Anwar was anxious about women plight and always appreciated them, Waqasi observed. Zulf Pirzado said that Anwar Pirzado worked for linking regional and national journalism, which had now been stopped after his passing away. He wrote and highlighted the issues of Sindh in national media, said Zulf.

Senior journalist Mazhar Abbas said: “Anwar Pirzado-like journalistic work is the need of hour these days as the outlook of Sindh in the country is not being presented in true manner.” He said that only intellectuals could fight the case of Sindh. He said that Anwar mostly wrote in week-ends, and his write-ups were also being read in Punjab, adding his books had also been translated in Urdu. Dr Sher Mehrani said that Anwar Pirzado was well-aware of wisdom of modern Sindh. He highlighted journalism work of Anwar Pirzado and paid him rich tribute.