In Greenness Breeds the Future: Chinese Intelligent Manufacturer Gree “Lights up” Milan

By PPI News Agency Mar14,2018 #Pakistan

ZHUHAI, China, Mar. 14, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– On March 13 local time, at the 2018 MCE Expo in Milan, Italy, a professional refrigeration exhibition with the largest scale and the widest product range in Europe, a promotion event of Gree’s IEMS Local Energy and Internet Management System was held. As developer of the system, Gree has introduced its core “green” technologies to the world and ushered in a new chapter of China’s intelligent manufacturing in the capital of fashion.

As the green development has cultivated a way of life and work that is green, China continues to improve the energy mix, increasing the share of clean energy consumption by 6.3 percentage points over the past five years. And the energy technologies have been more widely applied in the consumption of household appliances. Gree, the intelligent manufacturer, obviously stands out in the quality-oriented revolution in a way to turn China and the world to a place where the sky is blue, the land is green, and the water runs clear.

G-IEMS Local Energy and Internet Management System can achieve self-sufficiency by centering on Gree Photovoltaic direct-driven inverter air conditioner and combining with solar energy, power storage and other renewable energy resources, said William Zhao, Assistant General Manager of Gree Overseas Sales Company at the promotion. On top of being safe, reliable and efficient, it offers consumers a lifestyle that is greener and more comfortable. Currently Gree has distributed the PV direct-driven inverter air conditioner in 22 countries around the world, and the system has been widely applied in factories, schools, office buildings, supermarkets, exhibitions, hotels and other different occasions.

The world’s first PV Direct-driven Inverter Centrifugal Chiller was independently developed by Gree, which was rewarded with UK RAC Cooling Industry Awards, making Gree the first Chinese enterprise to get this award. Roberto Mallozzi, Chief Executive Officer of Klima-therm noted during the promotion that the G-IEMS system enjoys a promising prospect. “After 3 years’ cooperation, I’ve witnessed the strong technical R&D strength and advanced enterprise development strategies of Gree, thus I have full confidence in the development potential of G-IEMS. I believe it will have positive effects on the environmental causes of Europe and even the world,” said Mr. Mallozzi.

Gree is the epitome of our times, showing how China develops from a manufacturing country to an intelligent manufacturer and innovator. It is our hope that the green technologies developed by China will be further shared to the world and press ahead with energy conservation, Gree’s Chairwoman Dong Mingzhu once noted.

Going green concerns a happy life the people around the world are trying to lead. Over the years, Gree has devoted itself in developing core technologies and creating “green” technologies, which have also helped boost the green consumption for Italy. Market share of Gree R32 refrigerant series products in this country is expected to increase by 30% or higher in 2018. And this time at the MCE Expo, the G-IEMS Local Energy and Internet Management System has drawn a new blueprint for the future energy network.

As one of the preeminent Chinese innovators, Gree shoulders its responsibility for sustainable development and determines to create a better future life. As the video Gree Glory says, “Others are not able to achieve it, while you have achieved it, that’s where our value lies. Gree Glory, Lights Up the Future.”

Source: Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai

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