Joint Statement of Ulema Convention under Chairmanship of Shehbaz Sharif

Lahore, January 07, 2018 (PPI-OT):Punjab government has organized Ulema Convention at the Presidency of Chief Minister under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif, here today. The ceremony was attended by the spiritual leaders of the famous Madaris, Mashaikh, Gadi Nasheen and Sajjadgan of the Punjab. It was stated in the joint statement of Ulema Convention that “In the formation and sustainability of Pakistan, the role of Mashaikh, Gadi Nasheen, Sajjadgan or spiritual personalities is a bright chapter of our history. The innate conditions of our beloved country are prerequisite that all these religious leaders will always play their active role for national solidarity, domestic stability, sectarian harmony, and consolidation of the overall peace and security.

We assure the whole nation through Punjab Government that all Durgaahain and Aastanay are well aware of the needs and demands of national defense, and when needed, we will stand united like a firm mounted wall with the whole nation. Faith on Khatim-un-Nabian and love to him is the basis of our religious identity, social survival, and national stability. Implausible beliefs on his Last Prophesy is an inevitable part of our faith and the essential element of the faith of Pakistan’s 21 million Muslims.

The present parliamentarians and the government are always on it guard. In this wonderful consultation convention, spiritual personalities and religious leaders also agree that the realm of the monastery system according to which monastery used to be center of every knowledge, should be resurrected. More powerful monastery is more pureness and wholesomeness will flourish due to which the society will be strong and stable. The scholars also agreed that amid the suffering and grievances of today’s Muslim, seeking guidance from the revolutionary and reforming ideas of scholars is dire need of hour which directs our lives to be enlightened with continuous struggle towards high aims.

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