KANDHKOT:Citizens protesting against failure of police to recover truck drivers abducted last night here, ARY News reported on Sunday.

People blocked the Indus Highway with hurdles and staged a protest sit-in against abductions in the area, infamous for rampant kidnappings of common man by outlaws in cahoots with influential quarters.

The sit-in blocked traffic from Sindh to Balochistan and Punjab. Large lines of vehicles can be witnessed on both sides of the road. Another protest sit-in being staged at Bakhshapur Indus Highway to press for recovery of hostages from bandits. “We will continue this protest till recovery of the last hostage,” protest leaders vowed.

Earlier on Wednesday people protested law enforcement agencies’ (LEA) failure to recover all hostages and restore law and order to crime-infested Kandhkot-Kashmore district, were badly beaten by baton-wielding police and plain-clothed goons.

In an attempt to disperse protesters, mayhem ensued as police resorted to baton-charging as a result of which several protesters were injured. Some of the injured persons were shifted to a hospital.

However, the protesters refused to end their sit-in despite baton-charging by police. They said the sit-in will continue until the recovery of the last hostage. Earlier, police announced recovery of three abductees in Kashmore from bandits including Mukhi Jagdesh Kumar, Jaideep and Dr Muneer Naich.

In a media talk the district police official claimed that the police recovered abductees in an operation in katcha area at Ghelpur. He promised recovery of other hostages from bandit gangs involved in rampant lawlessness in Kashmore and adjoining districts of Sindh.