Land dispute claims five lives near Daulatpur

DAULATPUR: A tragic incident unfolded during a dispute over land, resulting in the loss of five lives and leaving eight others injured, police said Sunday.

The altercation escalated into gunfire, leading to casualties and injuries.

A tragic incident of firing occurred in the village of Wahid Dahiray of Nawabshah’s Daulatpur resulting in the loss of five lives.

The dispute over land escalated into a violent confrontation between two groups, leading to the fatal shooting.

The police promptly arrived at the scene and initiated action upon receiving information about the incident.

According to police officials, the bodies were transferred to People’s Medical Hospital, Nawabshah.

The deceased and the injured individuals are reported to belong to the same group.

Following the incident, a sense of fear and anxiety has gripped the locality. Authorities are investigating the matter to bring the culprits to justice and restore peace in the area.