Lawlessness continues to hit hard residents of Bhutto’s hometown

NAUNDERO: Lawlessness continues to hit the residents very hard in and around Naundero as two theft incidents have taken place last night in which three buffaloes and two bikes were stolen by thieves but police remained unmoved. Instead of recovering the stolen goods Naundero SHO Shahid Memon has resorted to issuing threats to the journalists asking them not to report criminal incidents or FIRs will be registered against them.

According to details, three buffaloes were stolen from the cattle pan of Mushtaque Suprio from Ghar Wah Muhalla and two bikes were stolen from the house of a primary teacher of Tagar village by unknown thieves. Both the incidents were reported to Naundero police but they once again proved their incompetency and negligence as they did nothing to recover the stolen cattle or the property.

Mushtaque Suprio along with his sons and neighbours followed the footprints which they lost in Mitho Khuhro village located in the riverine area within the limits of Ketty Mumtaz police station. Fortunately, two of the stolen buffaloes could not be controlled by the thieves and they returned to the owner in darkness. Police however claimed that they followed the footprints which they lost in the katcha area.

On the other hand, SHO Shahid Memon telephonically threatened a local reporter of a Sindhi TV Channel Rashid Abro of registering FIR against him if he continued to flash news about crimes in Naundero. SHO Memon claimed that he is not afraid of news because he enjoys massive support of local influential political people hence no one can remove him from the post. Journalists Samad Jamal, Rahmat Bhutto, Latif Solangi, Salim Solangi, Abdul Qadir Odho, Noor Soomro, Abdul Karim Mangrio and others held a protest demonstration demanding stern action against the negligent SHO for his failure to curb crimes, maintain peace and tranquility in the hometown of Bhutto leaders

It must be mentioned here that police refunded Rs2 lac out of Rs6.50 lac as compensation to Hindu shopkeeper Chandu Mal who was not only looted but badly injured by armed criminals when he was returning home at night few days ago but they have so far failed to recover the remaining amount and to arrest the accused. Likewise, thefts of Shahid Mangi, Hidayatullah Abro, Asghar Memon and others are still to be recovered along with the government rifle of a cop Qasim Channa.