LAHORE:Expressing his exasperation, Federal Minister Javed Latif has said that some forces want Imran Khan to remain politically popular.

Mr Latif was addressing a presser in Lahore on Sunday. He said it is mindboggling why no decision has been made on the pending cases against PTI Chairman Imran Khan. “Imran is being made Sadiq (truthful) and Amin (trustworthy) in another form,” the federal minister blasted wondering in whose interest it was to keep Imran politically popular.

“Will this joke be played over and over again,” he said adding that once again the tug-of-war is being started. He said PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif has rendered so many sacrifices for the sake of this nation and state. Nawaz’s sacrifices are being wasted, he rued.

The federal minister questioned at whose behest Nawaz Sharif was removed as prime minister in 2017. “Five characters have inflicted financial, diplomatic and economic loss on Pakistan,” he added. He lamented that again and again Nawaz Sharif’s media trial was held. He said we are going to election after bringing all these facts to light. On Nawaz’s return, Mr Latif said that once the provincial election schedule is announced, the PML-N supremo would announce the date of his return.