More than 800 students, professionals join GDG-IBA moot

Karachi: Google Developers Group Kolachi in collaboration with IBA organized an event at IBA City Campus Karachi, in which more than 800 individuals, including students and professionals from 30 different universities, participated. The speakers at the event stressed the need to empower women in industries and technology sectors so that they could play their role in economic development of the country. The real development and progress could only be achieved with the women empowerment, they added.

The leaders said that there was need to boost industrial development with input of new technologies and government support. The government also needs to further strengthen entrepreneurship, they added. The event was sponsored by renowned companies such as Venture Dive, Daria, TPS, 10 Pearls University, and Diya Interactive among others. The event was conducted in partnership with IBA.

Tech industry leaders shared their thoughts, stories, and experiences on various topics, some of these renowned speakers include Jehan Ara, Head of Katalyst Labs; and Rayn Group’s CEO Mo Adrius. There were technical tracks with speakers and Venture Capitalists like Ahmed Ayub. The event focused on women empowerment, women in technology sector, the rise and fall of industries, leadership, entrepreneurship, and much more.

These focuses were in the form of panel discussions, talks, and focus groups. There were various other topics in form of speeches and talks by a wide roaster of individuals. The team leaders, Hira Tariq and Harris Solangi, led the program proceedings. The active core team members of Google Developers Group Kolachi were Azeem Abbas, Danella Patrick, Muniza Imran, Sajeel Ahmed Siddiqui, Umar Ahmad, Hassam Jawed, Syed Taha Ali, and Samima Khan.