(NATIONAL /CITY) GTA continues hunger strike unto death in Quetta

QUETTA: The hunger strike unto death of GTA (Aaeni) continued for the last 36 days for upgradation of the posts of teachers here on Wednesday, but the authorities are taking no action to redress the grievances of teachers, said a statement issued by the Government Teachers Association (Aaeeni).

It said that that leaders and workers of GTA (Aaeeni) have been observing hunger strike unto death outside Quetta Press Club, but authorities are reluctant to accede to the genuine demands of GTA (Aaeni).

It said that the stubbornness of bureaucracy has brought educational sector of the province to the verge of collapse, adding that all the sister provinces upgraded the posts of teachers, but it is not known as to why bureaucracy of Balochistan is reluctant to upgrade the positions of teachers in the province. Demanding of the authorities to accede to the genuine demands of GTA (A), it said that hunger strike unto death camp of GTA (A) would continue until the acceptance of all demands.