Pakistan, Chinese Navies conduct bilateral sea exercise

KARACHI: Bilateral Naval Exercise Sea Guardians 2022 between Pakistan and Chinese Navy held at Shanghai in China, according to PN information on Friday.

This was second exercise of its series. The first exercise was held at Karachi in 2020. Newly commissioned Pakistan Navy Ship TAIMUR participated in the exercise along with Chinese Navy assets including Frigates, Corvettes, Submarines, Fighters and Surveillance Aircraft and Auxiliary Ships.

Sea Guardians series of naval exercises between Pakistan and China is a manifestation of strong bilateral military relations which promotes safe and sustainable maritime environment in the region. The exercise provided an opportunity to both navies to further hone their professional skills, mutual learning and interoperability.

Regular conduct of bilateral and multi-national exercises by Pakistan Navy are indicative of PN’s resolve to maintain good order at sea and close relations with all friendly navies. It is expected that joint naval exercise with China will further enhance bilateral relationships and cooperation between the two countries in general and navies in particular.

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