PDM agenda is to protect its vested interests: CM Punjab


LAHORE:Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that the nefarious designs of creating hurdles in the way of national development will be foiled.

Those who are trying to create chaos in the country have been exposed. Only the politics of service now will prevail in Pakistan, Buzdar said in a statement on Saturday that public has given the mandate of five years to the PTI and the government will complete its term. He said that conspirators have faced the defeat in the past and will meet the same fate in future.

Government will answer their politics of chaos with public service. He reaffirmed that such elements will not get NRO from Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said that the agenda of PDM is to protect their vested interests. He further maintained that people want development and prosperity, not chaos adding that these elements cannot hoodwinked Pakistanis once again.

He said that 22 crore people would not allow anyone to obstruct the journey of development and prosperity. The country is moving towards sustainable development as incumbent government has taken innumerable steps for the welfare of the people in the last two and a half years. Government austerity campaign has substantially reduce the expenditures.

National resources were ruthlessly wasted in the name of self-projection projects in the previous regimes, but this practice of misuse of national resources has been ended. The national exchequer is the people’s trust of the people and now is being spent on their welfare. Our direction is right and our intention is good, he added.