PMA concerned over 17 children’s death due to gastro

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) said on Saturday that it was deeply grieved over the deaths of 17 children in Dadu due to gastroenteritis.

These ill-fated children were from rain-hit areas of Kachho and Manchhar Lake where gastroenteritis breakout. It is very distressing that these innocent children died of a preventable and treatable infection just because of our weak health delivery system, said Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad, Honorary Secretary General, PMA.

He said that they had been raising their voice for the improvement of health delivery system and stressing more on preventive side rather than curative side. We have been demanding the provision of clean water to all citizens to eliminate water-borne diseases like typhoid, gastroenteritis, Hepatitis A, E and Cholera, Dr Qaiser said.

He said that it was entirely the responsibility of government to provide basic health facilities to the people, particularly in the flood affected areas because the flood affected people are facing multiple problems. The government should provide them food and tents for temporary shelter and immediately start working for their rehabilitation, he added.

The PMA leader asked general public to adopt following preventive measures during ongoing rainy season to avoid different diseases particularly waterborne diseases. PMA also issued precautions for water-born diseases, in which it says always drink boiled water; ensure water is not accumulated around your house. If there is accumulated water around your home, then spray Kerosene oil on this water.

It further says use clean water to brush your teeth, use clean water for preparing food, for washing utensils, vegetables and fruits; keep your food covered to avoid any contamination; take preventive measures to avoid mosquito bite because Dengue Hemorrhagic fever cases are increasing these days.

It said: “Flies are the main source of gastroenteritis. Wash your hands with soap and clean water before eating, cooking, feeding children, and after using the toilet. Please make it sure that your children also wash their hands in the same way. Do not allow your children to play in rainy water or stationary water around. If possible avoid eating food out in these days.”

“If your child particularly the small child is having non-stop diarrhea / vomiting, immediately take him to your doctor. Due to heavy rains deep cracks have developed on the roads, main holes of sewerage are seen uncovered so due to this awful situation PMA request motorbike riders and drivers to avoid travelling on such rods which are covered with rainy water,” said PMA.

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