Tuesday, December 6

Power shortfall jumps to 6,672 megawatts

Lahore: The energy crisis in the country worsens as the power shortfall jumps to 6,672 megawatts by Friday. According to details, the power demand in the country is 26,000 while the supply has been increased to 19,328 MW.

According to power division sources, hydropower plants are producing 5,000 MW of electricity, IPPs 2,358 MW, nuclear power plants 2,358 MW, thermal plants 1200 MW, wind power plants 770 MW, Solar power plants 148 MW, while Biogas power plants are producing 52 MW of electricity. The duration of the power outage in rural and urban areas of the country is 6-8 hours. However, the power tariff is expected to increase by 22 paise per unit after a plea for a hike from CPPA was filed with the NEPRA.