RANIPUR:Police in Khairpur have shifted Asad Shah Jeelani, prime suspect in the murder case of a 10-year-old maid Fatima Fariro, to hospital for his DNA test, according to a report on Sunday. Shah, who was presently in police custody on a four-day physical remand, would be further questioned and his other tests would also be conducted.

SHO Ranipur Ameer Chang, Head Muharrar Muhammad Khan, Dr. Fatah Memon and Dispenser are currently in police custody and are being questioned for their alleged negligence in the case since the child had earlier been buried without autopsy. A medical team on Saturday completed the post-mortem of the minor Fatima, a domestic worker who was killed in Ranipur, after taking her necessary body parts for medical examination.

Earlier, the remains of Fatima were exhumed from her grave in the presence of a Judicial Magistrate and medical board. This was done in compliance with a court verdict for conducting an autopsy of Fatima. According to sources, the medical board found marks of brutal signs of torture on the girl's body during the dissection. These were found on the neck, abdomen, and arms of the murdered girl, the sources added.

The body parts taken from the girl's body would be sent to the laboratory for testing. The lab’s report will be received between a week and a month, sources hinted. A 10-year-old domestic servant was allegedly tortured to death in Khairpur district of Sindh days after the Rizwana torture case shocked the nation.

The victim, identified as Fatima Furiro, worked as a maid at the house of an influential person, Pir Asad Shah Jeelani, in Ranipur town, located approximately 50 kilometers from Khairpur city. The death of the minor girl came to light after a disturbing video surfaced on social media. It showed seriously injured minor lying on floor while Jeelani sleeping on his bed close to her. She can be seen struggling to stand up but soon collapses.