KARACHI:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI Vice President and the leader of opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that his party would not tolerate excesses with the trader community of megacity Karachi.

A delegation of Karachi traders met with a delegation of PTI led by Haleem Adil in the office of the leader of opposition in Sindh Assembly.

The traders’ delegation comprised Atiq Mir, Sharjeel Goplani, Jameel Piracha, Waqas Azam, Ahmed Shamsi, Abdul Majeed Noorani, Taib Siddiqui, Abdul Khaliq, Shahid Mandia, Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Aslam Arain and others. The PTI delegation included PTI Karachi president Khurram Sherzaman, MPAs Raja Azhar, Shahnawaz Jadoon, and PTI leader Naeem Adil Sheikh.

The traders expressed their reservations about brutal lockdown of the Sindh government. Later, addressing a joint press conference, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that now if anyone harassed a trader, they would break his legs. He said after 6pm the police started its own lockdown and heavily fine traders for opening shops.

He said: “Our poor people will die of hunger if a strict lockdown is slapped. Sindh government is trying to scandalise the NCOC. He said any conspiracy against traders is a conspiracy against Pakistan.”

He said like fake bank account now fake fine challans are made. It would be seen if this looted money goes to CM House or Bilawal House. “We are with the traders and nobody would be allowed to harass them. He said the traders should be given permission to keep open their shops till 8pm. We are in parliament due to the vote of Karachi.”

He said 40 percent votes in Sindh are obtained by the opposition. He said IGP and chief secretary are responsible for implementing the decisions of NCOC and if they cannot do it, they should go home. He said he would recommend the federal government to transfer both these officers. He said: “Now bandits have got a free hand in Karachi too. The federal government is not in favour of Governor Rule. Sindh government is yet to supply coronavirus vaccine to people.”