Punjab CM Naqvi orders best arrangements for Cholistan Jeep Rally

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Syed Mohsin Raza Naqvi has ordered best arrangements for the 18th International Cholistan Jeep Rally starting from 6 February to 12 February on Monday. CM Mohsin Naqvi said that foolproof security should be ensured for the participants and people coming from all over the country to enjoy the jeep rally.

He reiterated that overcharging in local hotels should be addressed during the event, and efforts should be made for launching national and international campaigns for the publicity of the jeep rally. It is pertinent to note that people-friendly programs will be presented at Derawar Fort, whereas mobile towers of phone companies have also been installed to ensure signals availability in Cholistan.

For those who enjoy camping, Derawar Fort will also host Food Street, Musical Night, Fireworks, Camel Dance, Javelin, and many more events. While briefing the chief minister about the organization of the jeep rally, Commissioner Bahawalpur said that five categories have been introduced for the first time in Cholistan Jeep Rally.

He told the CM that almost half a million people are expected to arrive in Cholistan during the jeep rally. To maintain traffic flow in Cholistan in this regard, alternative routes and roads have been constructed and expanded.