Friday, February 3

Rehan Hashmi presents Balanced Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-19

Karachi, June 30, 2018 (PPI-OT): Chairman DMC Central has presented a balanced budget of Rs.7,630,654,600 for the fiscal year 2018-19. However, negligence of Government of Sindh had compelled Municipal Institutions to find out new ways of income so as to meet the needs of the present time, said Rehan Hashmi. He further told that OZT (Octory District Tex) money had been staying at a freezing point whereas the cost of living, exchange rate of US Dollar and other hikes in the cost of necessities of life had increased considerably.

In such a situation, non-cooperative attitude of Sindh Government compelled the DMC Administration to search for new ways of income to render municipal services to the common people better than the past. In present budget construction and communication have been given most priority. However during this year DMC Central is going to establish Specialists’ Clinics to facilitate the common people with the latest equipments and the expert doctors and surgeons. IT command and control system is to be established in a modern way to monitor every movement and activities under gone within the jurisdiction of DMC Central.

Rehan Hashmi also apprised the meeting of the performance of the DMC Central that had been given throughout the year in respect of cleaning and other municipal works. In the budget, expected income is shown as Rs. 7,630,654,600/- where as expected expenditure are given as Rs.7, 629,124,650/-. However increasing population of the people has increased the needs of Municipal services that need to be dealt with increased amount of fund.

Therefore, new ways of income are to be found to increase the financial income of the DMC Central. Budget meeting was attended by the vice chairman, Syed Shakri Ali, members of the council, members of special seats of lady members of the council. Most of the points were explained by the Vice Chairman Syed Shakir Ali as the chairman was suffering from throat problem.

Details of Budget DMC Central:

Expected Income:

1. Fund from the Government of Sindh: 563 million

2. Property Tax: 650 million

3. Conservancies (ADP and PWD) 2120 million

4. DMC Generated Revenue 1133 million

Allocation of funds:

1. Health and Sanitation: 70 million

2. Building and communications 1437 million

3. Mechanical and Electronics 161 million

4. Parks and recreations 271 million

5. IT and Command control system 30 million

6. Education and Libraries 19 million

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