Shazia Marri sees tsunami of inflation across the country


KARACHI:Central Information Secretary Pakistan People’s Party Parliamrntarinans and Member of the National Assembly Shazia Atta Marri said Friday that the situation in the country had worsened since Imran government was ‘imposed’ on the country.

“The selected Prime Minister is not aware of the country’s critical issues and has become an expert on other countries issues,” she added. Marri said that the federal ministers had nothing to say and do for the country’s people,” she said in a statement on Saturday. Marri said that people of Pakistan had lost their peace of mind due to this incapable and incompetent Niazi government’s anti-people policies. She added that people of this country are suffering because of rising oil and electricity prices, but government isn’t caring about them.

Marri said that Federal Ministers of PTI government only held dozens of press conferences every day and abused the opposition leaders but never made any announcement for relief to the people. She further said people had fed up with uncivilized behavior of those rude ministers and ruler and it was, Imran who often blamed in his speeches that the prices of oil, electricity and diesel increased in the country because of corruption and corrupt rulers. She said nowadays Imran and his group were putting heavy burden on the people by rising prices of oil and electricity. She says that today, there is a tsunami of inflation in the country and people have fed up with this incompetent and incapable government.

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