KARACHI:  Central Vice President of PTI and the Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said Monday that the ‘owners’ of Bahria Town’ staged the drama to create the ethnic riots in Karachi by allowing their goons to set certain portion of Bahria Town on fire by using chemical material to divert the attention of people from exegeses they had been committing on the local people.


Sheikh speaking to media persons outside Sindh Assembly, said they once saw Karachi on being burnt yesterday by the same people, who had burnt and plundered Karachi in past identical arson acts and incidents. He alleged that outlaws and bandits were brought by ‘Asif Ali Zardari and his henchmen and cronies, to create terror. He termed it a deep-seated conspiracy to push Karachi again into the flames of ethical hatred. “We will never ever allow these people to fan bloodbath in the city of light by resorting to such criminal acts,” he added and asked the PPP rulers to mend their ways and stop hatching conspiracies for Sindh and its people for their vested interests.


The PTI leader alleged that Bahria town was actually owned by ‘Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Zardari’ while Malik Riaz was just acting as contractor with the help of its operational manager Syed Murad Ali Shah to occupy the lands of Sindh by displacing and evicting the indigenous people.


He alleged that high-ups of the Sindh government on orders of Asif Ali Zardari again tried to push Karachi into riots. He said that the same had led Karachi to bleed and was burnt by the criminals when Ms Benazir Bhutto was assassinated and lawyers were ambushed and burnt to death.


The PTI leader claimed that those who had gathered outside Bahria Town to register their peaceful protests were not involved in the fire incident, adding he claimed that those who had committed arson and subversive activities were already inside the locality and those people were hired by the real owners of the mega housing scheme.


Sheikh said that it was Asif Ali Zardari and his cronies, who had brought Malik Riaz from Islamabad and facilitated him by helping him through their blue-eyed boy, Rao Anwar and other police and revenue officials to occupy the lands of indigenous people. He made it clear that Malik Riaz did not occupy the lands himself through his people but by the then DC Malir (who is still languishing in jail’, the PPP lawmakers, leaders and other elements who had formed the force to evict the villagers and occupied the lands of the local people.


The PTI leader said that they would never allow the criminals to carry out the terror activities in Malir and other parts of Karachi to create ethnic riots adding he again termed the fire incident as the grave conspiracy to fan the fanaticism in Karachi by pitting people of different races against each other. He said that PPP rulers in Sindh were already aware of the possible peaceful protest from different parts of Sindh ten days before their scheduled program but they allowed the rioters to resort to rioting, arson and setting on fire. Everybody knows that the indigenous people like Chacha Faiz Mohammad Gabol and his family members.


Sheikh said that the PPP leadership was directly involved in the riots in arson acts and fire incidents and demanded the registration of FIRs against Asif Ali Zardari, Syed Murad Ali Shah, Malik Riaz and their cronies, who all staged the ugly drama for their petty interests so as to divert the attention of the people from their highhandedness. Sheikh demanding the resignation from Chief Minister Sindh and said that all those implicated in the false cases be released after the proper inquiries. He made it clear that IG Sindh Mushtaq Ahmed Maher had been acting as the state manager of the PPP leaders.