Tuesday, February 7

Students stage rally against water shortage in Sindh

LARKANA: Students of Shuja Martin Public School and Shooter Skex Academy took out a large protest rally from Bhains Colony here on Sunday with banners and placards in their hands against acute water shortage in Sindh which culminated at Jinnah Bagh.

The rally was participated by their teachers who also shouted slogans against handmade water scarcity demanding water for agricultural lands so that farmers could be able to sow their paddy seedlings.

Leaders of the occasion, Maqbool Ahmed Gadhii, Sartaj Aziz Gadhi and others, said that there is a high water shortage in Sindh but the rulers are now mum who were holding protests across Sindh demanding proper water share for the province according to the 1991 Accord because they themselves are in power now. They said Punjab is now openly stealing Sindh’s water as its canals are flowing to their full capacity but has created a handmade shortage in Sindh to ruin its agro-economy. They said if water is released in canals through the Indus River it is also being stolen to irrigate lands of the elite and influential landlords ignoring small tillers due to which there is no drinking water even for animals.

They strongly condemned the theft of water by Punjab and the elite of Sindh and demanded proper water immediately for everyone so that paddy seedlings could be sown by the poor growers and the peasants or else it will be too late.