Friday, January 27

Tag: Encroachments

(City): Removal of encroachments from parks demanded

Karachi:Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has welcomed the decision of the apex court to get razed the illegal building of Foundation Public School on the land of the Kidney Hill Park Karachi and requested the honorable judiciary to order removal of all sorts of encroachments - residential and commercial- from all amenity plots of the megacity. Lauding the directive of the Supreme Court of Pakistan issued to the commissioner Karachi for razing the building of this private school as well as others houses built on the Kidney Hill Park land, Altaf Shakoor said that different powerful mafias have established schools, marriage halls, shopping centers, houses, garages, parking lots, bungalows and other residential and commercial structures on dozens of the amenity plots in ...