Saturday, February 4

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(Health): SATTP demands arrest of innocent girls’ killers

Karachi:Seraiki Awami Tarimat Tehreak Pakistan (SATTP) staged a peaceful protest on Wednesday outside Karachi Press Club against rising incidents of abduction, rape and murder of minor girls in the country including Karachi. The protesters were carrying banners and placards demanding an end to child abductions and killings. The also sought safety of children. Addressing the protesters, Chairperson SATTP Ms Abida Batool, President Ms Kiran Lashari, Sadia Shakeel, Nina Khurshid and President of Seraiki Awami Sangat Pakistan Mushtaq Ahmad Faridi said that protection of lives and property of all citizens including children is the prime responsibility of the government. They said innocent girl Marwa was brutally killed in Karachi after being raped and her killers could not be arrested ...