VC for promoting book reading


Karachi:Reading is very important is our life; it helps us in understanding ourselves as well as the life. Although, due to availability of modern technology we have now multiple options to read but old and traditional way of reading books still has its own taste.

The habit of reading also teaches us what should be said on which occasion. It gives us an idea about different aspects of life. Without a doubt, reading books is our social need and our support particularly when we feel low.

These views were expressed by the Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi, Professor Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan on Tuesday. He presided over a seminar, ‘discovering world through reading’, held on the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day.

The event was organized by the Department of Library and Information Science, KU, at the Arts Auditorium.

The KU VC mentioned that not many people have the habit of reading books and it is not easy to become friend with books as one has to give a lot of time to establish a durable relationship in this regard.

“Our generation is not keen of reading books and this is not a good sign at all. In past, we used to see many bookshops in the city but now the situation has changed but now it is quite difficult to find them.”

He said that though we have a large number of electronic books available but their readers are not in large numbers and students must adopt the habit of reading. He advised them to read at least one page daily and asked them to implement whatever they learn and read in their lives.

Professor Dr Shakeel ur Rehman Farooqi of Genetics Department, KU, expressed that the importance and significance of books is still there and those who likes reading knows how to treat books.

He observed that books always help us and they are our guide in our lives. He said that whenever a person found difficulties in speaking, writing or expressing his or her feeling, books are best source to seek help. He mentioned that those who read frequently have much better writing style and vocabulary than others. He stressed to establish a culture where people give preferences to education.

The former Dean, Arts and Social Sciences, KU, and now a Vice Chancellor Nazeer Hussain University Professor Dr Muhammad Ahmed Qadri said that if we want to eradicate extremism and terrorism from the country then we must adopt habit of reading.

Professor Dr Faiyaz Vaid, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, KU, said that we must try to learn from books and our reading experiences must be capable of bringing positive changes in the society.

Professor Dr Malahat Kaleem Shirwani, Professor Dr Farhat Hussain, Professor Dr Muneeza Nasreen and others also spoke on the occasion.

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