12 people injured by wandering dogs in Larkana

LARKANA: The menace of stray dog bites has not yet been eliminated by the Local Government Department authorities despite Sindh High Court directions as 12 people were bitten in a single day by wandering dogs here on Tuesday rendering them injured which include children, women and men.

The injured include 12-year Zarina Lashari, 10-years Salma, 16-years Sadaqat Mari, 56-years Nusrat Khatoon, 45-years Sikander Dahani and others. All the injured were brought individually by their relatives at the Dog Bite Treatment and Vaccination Centre of the Chandka Medical College Hospital for dressing of their wounds and administering Anti-Rabies Vaccination. After ARV and dressing of their injuries all the affected people were allowed by the duty doctors to go home.

It must be mentioned here that despite superior court order Sindh Government’s Local Bodies Department has so far failed to wipe out stray and pye dogs from the province thus violating the order openly and daringly without fear of law which should be taken notice of so that this menace is stopped once for all.