Monday, December 5

Aseefa distributes tablets among trainees

NAUNDERO:Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, the daughter of former President Asif Ali Zardari, chairperson Zabtech, said that I have come here today to repeat a promise, the promise that my martyr mother and grandfather Benazir Bhutto and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and my brother Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had made.


She said that employment is the right of every human being, this training program is the weapon of women’s economic freedom and with this training program stoves (Chulhas) of their houses will burn with it. She expressed these views while addressing the ceremony of completion of artistic training (handloom) to women by SZABIST and Zabtech at Bhutto House here Thursday.


She said that with this training, women will become independent, this art will lead women on the path of development. She further said that the purpose of my mother’s founding of SZABIST was to improve the future of the sons and daughters of the country. I can proudly say that we have taught 60,000 youths and put them on their feet, she declared. She said that God willing, your fate will change now.


Addressing the event, PPP Ladies Wing President and MPA Faryal Talpur said that the Party has always been conscious of women’s rights and is trying to empower women socially, economically and morally in every field.


She said that the youth and women of Sindh are rich in talent and the land of Sindh is providing them with great opportunities. She claimed that the Sindh government is making efforts to provide technical education opportunities for the people in modern times and with the support of organizations like SZABIST Foundation and Zabtech, we are conducting training programs to meet the needs of artisans and we will continue the technical program. She said that the SZABIST Foundation has provided women with art education as well as equipment, with which they can improve their home conditions by increasing their income and play a real role in society.


She said that the entire team of SZABIST Foundation and Zabtech is commendable for conducting such a training program and they hope that this journey of development will always be continued and they will play a role in advancing the mission of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed for the development of women. She confessed that the training conducted by SZABIST and Zabtec was a small effort, adding with this, girls can progress further. She said that if a girl gets education, her family gets education. She said that Bibi Shaheed always struggled for women and brought them forward, First Women Bank is an example of this.


After this, she added, the People’s Party introduced the Benazir Income Support Program in her name. Through this, we have brought women forward and improved their economic conditions, she further claimed. She said that such programs are always conducted by PPP and PPP gives jobs to the people, if anyone has worked in the country, it is PPP, she continued to claim further. She said that during the recent rains and floods, no other party would have been able to do as much as the PPP has done, she loudly declared.


Waheeda Mahesar, Director of SZABIST/Zabtech, said that SZABIST Foundation is collaborating with SZABIST in five such projects in four districts of Sindh. She said that even during the coronavirus era, SZABIST conducted eight online programs and taught 5707 youths, out of which 85% of them have got employment now. She said that 38 women were trained in Larkana during the training program. Aseefa also distributed tablets among the women who completed the training.