LAHORE: The prices of motorbike engine oil of various banded companies have increased by Rs100 to Rs150, making it harder for poor people to keep maintenance of their bikes, according to a report on Tuesday.

According to details, the price of loose engine oil has increased from Rs270 to Rs350 per litre. Shell 7-points oil will now cost Rs625 up from Rs550. Likewise, Shell 1 liter of oil has reached Rs625 from Rs550. Similarly, the price of Caltex 7-point oil, after a rise of Rs100, has gone up to Rs640. Caltex liter will now be sold at Rs850 after a price hike of Rs150.

ZIC Liter Oil has been jacked up to Rs1,200 from Rs800 whereas ZIC 7-Point Oil will now be sold at Rs800 up from Rs680. Vendors, on the other hand, claimed that the companies blame taxation for the price hike. Profit margin has narrowed due to the back-breaking inflation, and that those who used to purchase branded oil have now been switched to buy loose engine oil.