Saturday, February 4

Call to ban illegal hunting in Turghar area

QUETTA: Qazi Muhammad Khan Mazhari, President, Turghar Wildlife and Environmental Protection Agency, Tanshapa, District Killa Saifullah, has demanded of the authorities that illegal hunting in Turghar of district Killa Saifullah of Balochistan province be banned.

Addressing a press conference at Quetta Press Club here on Wednesday, he said that Turghar Tanshrpa was the natural habitat of rare animals Markhur and Afghan Oryal, adding that local tribe Jalalzai Shahezai had been protecting those rare animals.

He said that no pecuniary assistance from the part of government was being extended to the Jalalzai tribe of district Killa Saifullah. He said that deforestation in Turghar was in progress, adding that the issue had been brought into the notice of the concerned authorities, but no action had so far been taken. He said, “Of late permits to different souls have been issued for hunting in Turghar mountain without taking into confidence Jalalzai tribe of the area”.

Demanding of the authorities to impose ban on illegal hunting in Turghar Tanshapa Shahezai, Killa Saifullah, he said that rights of the local community be protected by providing necessary facilities to Jalalzai Shahezai community. On the occasion, Dr. Hayat Khan Shahezai, Muhammad Essa, Hameedullah Kakar, Nazar Hunermul, Shah Nawaz Shahezai, Abdul Rauf Kakar, Bahadur Khan Jalalzai, Muhammad Umer and others were also present.