Monday, December 5

Call to conduct probe into poor child’s murder in Karachi

QUETTA: Sardar Manzoor Ahmed Khan Kakar, noted tribal, social and political leader of Balochistan, has called on the authorities to conduct an independent and impartial inquiry into the death of one innocent poor child who had allegedly been gunned down by the security guard of one luxurious hotel in Karachi.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, he said the discreet silence of social leaders, civil society and media over the gruesome murder of a poor child was condemnable. He said that the death of innocent boy, who had been collecting junk items and papers in Karachi to make both ends meet, needed to be probed thoroughly.

Demanding of the authorities to conduct an independent and impartial into the incident, he said that it was a sad news to throw the body of one hungry boy in a deserted place after gunning him down. He demanded of the authorities that owner of the five star hotel of Karachi be brought to justice apart from inflicting punishment upon perpetrator of the alleged crime.