Saturday, November 26

Children continue to die in Sindh flood-hit district

Hyderabad: An outbreak of water-borne diseases in flood-hit areas of Sindh continues to claim lives, especially killing young children.

According to a report on Monday, Stagnant water over millions of acres has become a breeding ground for different diseases from gastroenteritis to malaria and diarrhea.

In Hyderabad, a nine-year-old girl succumbed due to a lack of cleaning services in the medical relief camps. No measures have been taken so far against malaria and gastro diseases.

The survivors present a gloomy picture for they lack facilities and health care amid a lack of medical camps in many areas.

In Sanghar, diarrhea, respiratory infections, skin diseases as well as eye problems were rising in medical relief camps.

People complained that some medical relief camps were short of staff others have no doctors.

While in Sukkur, as many as 25 children have died this month from water-borne diseases. Some people also protested against the drainage of water.