Complete lockdown observed in Khairpur


KHAIRPUR:A complete lockdown was observed in Khairpur city on Sunday to fight the coronavirus spread that has badly affected business and social life worldwide, including Pakistan.

All bazaars and markets remained completely shut. Only retail goods and milk shops remained open to provide necessary daily use items to the citizens. Sindh government offices and educational institutes, including private, remained closed.

A heavy contingent of police and security forces conducted patrolling in the city to ensure lockdown. Police were also deployed at major points of the city to force citizens stay at homes. However, a low number of motorcycles and cars were seen plying the roads for necessary works.

The laborers community of the city has badly been affected by the lockdown and they need urgent relief goods, including ration, to feed their children.

Panic ruled the city due to rising number of the cases in Sindh and other provinces of the country. The citizens also need immediate awareness campaign by the health department.