Islamabad:Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri has said that Pakistan has been strong citadel for the whole Muslim world.

He expressed these views while addressing the concluding ceremony of the two day National Conference titled “An inclusive and peaceful society in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities” here in International Islamic University Islamabad on Wednesday.

He said the geographical location of Pakistan and its demography make Pakistan an ideal Muslim state. He said that Pakistani youth has all the potentials to change the fate of this country.

Deputy Speaker said Pakistan and Pakistani people have always been peaceful and helpful to one another especially during the tough time when COVID-19 Pandemic was on its peak.

He said tolerance, patience and empathy of Pakistani people during COVI-19 have been a model for the whole world. He remarked that peace can ensure the sustainable development.

He also mentioned the importance of educational institutions to spread the message of peace and tolerance in the whole world.

Qasim Khan Suri remarked that Pakistan is blessed with Youth bulge who will administer the affairs of this country in the future. He stressed on the need of inculcation of qualities of tolerance and patience.

He said that university and research institute have to play a proactive role like this.

He said religious scholars and ulema karams are the asset who has the ability to change the fate of the country. He said “Paigham e Pakistan” authored and researched by the Research Scholars in the Islamic Research Institution need to be spread wide as true image of the country is of peace.