Saturday, December 3

DESSI International holds skills event in Larkana

LARKANA:The Career Counseling Seminar for Batch-III and the Certificates Distribution Ceremony for NAVTTC “Skills for All” Batch-II was held in Larkana by Development through Empowerment for Sustainable Solutions Initiative (DESSI) International, a United Nations ECOSOC accredited civil society organization that focuses on empowering women.

New York based Engineer Ali Hassan Bhutto, a social activist, motivational speaker, and SSDP chairperson, served as the chief guest. Speaking to recently graduated and on-going female NAVTTC trainees, Ali Hassan Bhutto praised DESSI International’s efforts to advance gender equality through TVET and underlined that Sindhi women must engage in international freelancing to earn higher income.

There are numerous open, lucrative chances at Amazon including data entry jobs and lessons in Sindhi, Urdu, Quranic, Arabic, and fundamental primary school subjects for Sindhi children residing in the US and Canada. He advised NAVTTC graduates to do freelancing and target US and Canada markets, and to concentrate on starting their own businesses and market those businesses through social media marketing strategies.

The efforts made by the Government of Pakistan and NAVTTC to strengthen the skillsets of women through the Skills Development Programs were praised by Mrs Hannan (Chairperson of DESSI International). Women have improved access to the open market for starting businesses after successfully completing training under NAVTTC’s “Skills for All” program.

In his speech, Imtiaz Ahmed (Executive Director of DESSI International) stated that girls are gradually starting their own businesses in the fields of computing technology, sewing, and beautician skills. On the other hand, younger girls are encouraged to pursue careers in technology rather than the simple private education and arts fields.