ETPB seals ‘Lal Haveli’ residence of Sheikh Rashid being illegal occupation

Islamabad: With the assistance of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) on Monday sealed ‘Lal Haveli’- residence of Awami Muslim League (AML) chief and former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed in Rawalpindi-contending that it was being occupied illegally since long. Talking to media persons, the ETPB Deputy Commissioner Asif Khan, said ‘Lal Haveli’s’ two units along with the five adjoining units have been sealed being ‘illegal occupation’.

He said ownership of Sheikh Rashid of these Lal Haveli units was cancelled by the ETPB for being illegal occupation of land. In this regard, he said several notices were issued to Sheikh Rashid as well as his brother Sheikh Siddique. He said Sheikh Rashid and his brother Sheikh Siddique illegally occupied seven land units of the Lal Haveli. He said they sent several notices to Sheikh Rashid and his brother before sealing the property.

Meanwhile, in his tweets, Sheikh Rashid contended that he had not received any notice prior to sealing of his residence/public secretariat. He said sealing of Lal Haveli was an act of fascism and terrorism. He contended that Lal Haveli was his ‘personal property’, where he had established his ‘central secretariat for public service’ since long.