Former MPA Gujjar, his brother booked in police host aging case

Lahore: Raiwind City Police Station on Saturday registered a case under terrorism clauses against PTI’s former member of Punjab Assembly Shabbir Gujjar and his brother Khalid Gujjar. The case was lodged by Inspector Nadeem Akhtar lodged the case against the two Gujjar brothers at Raiwind City Police Station.

Shabbir Gujjar and his supporters had been accused of making a police party hostage when it raided his dera to arrest proclaimed offender Muhammad Usman. During the raid, Shabbir Gujjar, Khalid Gujjar, Tariq Gujjar, Adil Gujjar and others had drawn weapons and pointed at the cops. They tore apart the policemen’s uniforms, damaged the government vehicles and also hurled stoned at the members of the raiding party. Police had also made seven arrests on the occasion. Police now have registered the case under terrorism clauses of 440, 342, 353, 186, 149, 216 and 506.