Karachi:A meeting of the Alumni Association of Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) was held to condole the tragic death of Dr Amtul Sheikh.

JSMU Alumni said in a statement that Dr Amtul Sheikh was a very vibrant, active and professional member of the Alumni. She was very active in her college days participating in all healthy and extracurricular activities. Academically, she did her Fellowship and was one of the leading female Surgeons which we have a few. It takes many years of hard work diligence to produce a surgeon

“It’s so unfortunate and heart breaking that such a humble honest hardworking lady has been brutally assassinated. It’s a big trauma for all of us we are all shocked and aggrieved by this dastardly act,” said JSMU Alumni. They demanded of the authorities to apprehend the culprits and give them exemplary punishment at the earliest. The Alumni Association said that it was ready to help the authorities if they need any help.