Info secy for crystal-clear advertisement policy

KARACHI: Sindh Information Department could play a pivotal role to get information about current issues of Sindh province, public needs and grievances in all walks of life in each sector related to the various departments and get departments view about it and both be publicize through print and electronic and social media for redressal of all such issues.


This was expressed by Dr. Niaz Ali Abassi, Secretary Information, Government of Sindh, while presiding over a high level meeting of Directors Information head quarters and all the Divisional Directors of Information Department.


Abbasi directed all the Directors Information and Officers of the department to work hard with professional dedication and zeal and no any slackness would be tolerated in this regard. He also stressed the need that information department government of Sindh is most important department which play a role as bridge between government and media while providing awareness to the people about governments socio-economic developments as well as steps in development projects sectors.


Abbasi directed that to improvise the standard of the departmental monthly and weekly publications while provide space to the public grievances in it so as the concerned departments take initiatives for their prompt redressal. He also directed to Director Film for preparation of films about developments projects of Government of Sindh. While stressing the need at importance of Social Media, he ordered to take timely concrete steps for he assured his full cooperation for the provision of all possible assistance.


Abbasi urged upon the crystal and clear policy in connection with the issuance of the advertisement. He also directed all the directors to submit their recommendations if any regarding staff, machinery and equipments needed which hindering in performance of their official activities so as which could be make possible within no time.


He warned that violation of law and slackness in official obligations would not be tolerated at any cost and would be dealt accordingly. He assured that team work with dedication, zeal, zest and honesty could promote the reputation and standard of the department. He said that he is ready and hopeful for the reddressal of problems of the department but now it depends upon the officers of the department that how much they are serious, ready and interested to work with professional zeal and zest for the up gradation of each section of the department.


Syed Azeem Shah, Director (Admn) presented briefing through projector about all the sections of Information Department and all divisional Directorates functioning under the Information Department Government of Sindh.


Director Planning and Development Ghulam-us-Saqlain, Director Social Media Aslam Jatoi, Director Press Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Director Saleem Khan, Director Publication Akhtar Ali Surhio, Director Advertisement Aziz Ahmed Hakro, Director Films Shabih Siddique, Director Research and Reference Muhammad Ali Riaz, Director Legal Hizbullah Memon, Director Electronic Media Zafar Khan, Director Sukkur Imtiaz Ali Joyo, Director Press Information Incharge, Director Hyderabad Zulfiqar Shaikh, Incharge Director Larkana Darshan Lal and Deputy Director Yousif Kaboro also attended the meeting.