Saturday, November 26

Larkana, Miro Khan and Ratodero still littered with rainwater

LARKANA:Stagnant rainwater could not be drained out from various areas of Larkana, Miro Khan and Ratodero, it emerged on Monday.

According to collected information, 12mm rain was recorded in Larkana last night and low lying areas were inundated. Ratodero Police Station and judicial lockup were filled with rainwater along with other government offices and in Miro Khan, rainwater could not be drained out from the office of the Assistant Commissioner, Mukhtiarkar and other localities due to which people faced greater hardships exposing the so called claims of development carried out in the province by the Sindh rulers.

In Miro Khan stagnant rainwater was not pushed out of Latif Colony, Abro, Brohi, Bhatti and other Muhallas and colonies. Citizens Naeem Chandio, Amir Tunio, Abdullah Bhatti, Qadir Dayo and others held a protest demonstration where they said that institutions like local bodies and public health engineering departments were established for the benefit of the residents but they have miserably failed to deliver and they stand exposed.

In Ratodero, courts, police station, DSP office, judicial lockup, assistant commissioner, Mukhtiarkar offices were inundated with a few minutes of rain. Municipal Road, Vegetable Market, Kiryana Bazaar and other markets remained filled with water and citizens suffered very badly. Due to non-lifting of garbage, bad smells spread in the town and the worst affected were the citizens as life became paralyzed for them due to the worst environmental pollution.

No mosquito and bee killing spray has so far been carried out anywhere in the district which has multiplied the issues faced by the residents due to which gastro and seasonal ailments have surfaced massively.

Larkana’s assistant commissioner, Ahmed Ali Soomro said that stagnant rainwater has been drained out on an emergency basis out of VIP Road, Fish Market, Royal Road and other areas and rainwater from Yar Muhammad Colony is being drained out. He said he is constantly visiting the affected areas and issuing directions so that residents should not suffer.