Mirwaiz urges value-based education in Srinagar

By PPI News Agency Apr17,2024

Srinagar, At the launch of the Arsh coaching institute in Srinagar’s Seki Dafar area, APHC leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq highlighted the necessity of intertwining moral values with contemporary education. His remarks opened a discussion on educational reform that focuses on both intellectual development and ethical grounding.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Mirwaiz called for educational strategies that promote not only academic excellence but also personal resilience. He underscored the importance of instilling values to equip students for success in local and global arenas.

During his address, he emphasized the significance of incorporating Islamic and Kashmiri cultural teachings within educational programs, aiming to develop a well-rounded sense of identity in students amidst their academic pursuits.

Mirwaiz expressed his concerns about the alarming decrease in literacy rates in Kashmir, which have seen a 10% drop. He highlighted the concurrent issue of increased drug addiction among the youth, urging educational bodies and parents to take decisive action against these trends.

Furthermore, he commented on local governance issues, referencing the recent boat tragedy at Gandabal Batwara as a case of administrative neglect. Mirwaiz conveyed his condolences for the tragedy and his intention to visit the bereaved families, noting that his current efforts to do so were hampered by lack of permission from authorities.

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