LAHORE:,,, Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Mr Mohsin Naqvi has expressed his jubilation at the successful conclusion of the inaugural Inter-College Ramadan T20 Cup, which culminated in Islamabad on Monday evening. A total of 63 matches – 21 each in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad – were held within a 20-day timeframe, with Pakistan Television Corporation broadcasting eight matches on its network.

Jinnah College emerged victorious in the Karachi-leg event by defeating Government College 36-B Landhi at Eid Gah Stadium by three wickets, while Punjab College clinched the trophy at the LCCA ground by triumphing over Government College University by six wickets. In Islamabad, IMPCC College H-8/4 claimed the title when they defeated Westminster by 63 runs.

PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi:

“I am delighted with the meticulous planning and execution of the tournament at such short notice. On behalf of the PCB, I assure you that we will organise an even grander and more elaborate tournament next year, encompassing more teams, venues, cities, incentives and rewards. Our primary focus at the PCB is to foster and enhance cricket at the grassroots level and I remain steadfast in our commitment to achieve this through the revitalisation of college cricket.

“One of the immediate successes of this tournament is the selection of a significant number of players by district teams. These players would have missed out on this opportunity if it weren’t for this tournament. Therefore, I consider this a significant achievement and a strong testament to its place and value in the Pakistan cricket calendar.

“I take immense pleasure and satisfaction in witnessing these youngsters compete in a PCB-organised event, matches of which were held at some of the most historic venues, illuminated under lights. I am confident that playing at these venues will further ignite their passion for the sport, making these cricket venues their second home. The more time players will spend at training and match venues, the better they will become, ultimately benefiting their clubs, regions and the country.

“While the tournament has been rewarding for the players, I am certain that more educational institutions will be enticed to participate and commence preparations for next year’s tournament. Not only will these institutions vie for glory in the tournament, but they will also field their strongest possible sides. To achieve this, they will attract and enroll talented cricketers, who, in turn, will receive quality education at zero cost.

“Another heartwarming aspect observed during the Lahore and Islamabad finals was the enthusiastic participation of parents. Witnessing their engagement and support for not only their children but all participants brought me immense joy. We encourage parents to motivate their children to engage in cricket, and I believe this tournament will play a significant role in achieving that objective.

“The PCB aims to fill cricket venues with activities to provide opportunities for youngsters to consider pursuing a career in cricket. It is my firm commitment that the PCB will organise an even more robust college tournament next year. With persistence and continuity, we will reach a stage where college cricket will reclaim its status as the breeding ground for high-quality cricketers.

“I extend my congratulations to the winning colleges and urge them to prepare diligently for next year’s event, as winning is easy but defending the title is challenging. Additionally, I express my gratitude to all participating colleges for their involvement in this PCB-organized tournament and encourage them to strive harder to emerge as formidable opponents against the more favored sides.

“Finally, I strongly encourage the Higher Education Commission to demonstrate the proactive approach it has taken in the past. It is essential not only for them to collaborate with the PCB but also to provide us with their full support. This collaboration is crucial for us to create an event that truly represents our nation. Furthermore, the backing of commercial partners would be invaluable, as they are the backbone of sports and their generosity is essential for the sustainability of any sport.”