(National): Haleem advices Sindh rulers to help rain-hit people instead of criticizing federal govt


Mirpurkhas:We were distributing ration amongst rain and flood affected without any discrimination, but our opponents conspired to disturb the program of the President and they were also behind the attack on ration trucks, said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh here on Monday.

Addressing a press conference here at Raja House, flanked by PMA Dua Bhutto, Jahansher Junejo, Akbar Pali, Ali Palih, Raja Abdul Haq, Aftab Qureshi and others, he said we have been present in the rain-hit areas of Mirpurkhas, Sanghar and Umerkot for two weeks. He said we were distributing relief goods amongst affected people without any discrimination and all was set to distribute these items till night, but our opponents tried to disturb the program of the President.

He said that the administration of Mirpurkhas is inept, and they patronized attacks on the ration trucks on behest of their masters. He said previous day Bilawal had said that nothing would happen by distributing ration. He said Bilawal does not know how important it is for the poor people to arrange two square meals for their families. He said Bilawal and ministers of Sindh government are seen only in helicopters. They have not practically assisted the distressed people. He said Bilawal should know that his sermons would not fill the bellies of hungry people. He said Bilawal is criticizing the federal government only to hide the inefficiency of the Sindh government. He reminded that after the 18th amendment it is responsibility of the provincial government to take care of provincial matters.

Haleem Adil said 0.1million rations bags from governors of Punjab and Sindh are being distributed amongst the affected areas. He said tents are provided by the NDMA. He said 10000 ration bags and other relief goods donated by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation of the UAE are also being distributed without any discrimination. He said the federal government had not left the people of Sindh alone during coronavirus pandemic. He said Rs60billion were distributed amongst them and now the federal government would provide even more assistance. He said a special package would also be given for the rain-hit people.

Haleem Adil said we want that the aid of the federal government reaches to the people and not to the fake bank accounts of corruption mafia. He said this year rains and river floods are more severe as compared to the floods of 2010-11. He said faulty saline Nullahs sunk half of Sindh. He said corruption of billions of rupees is done in the Sindh irrigation department. He said due to this corruption embankments are made from substandard material. He said even today army is summoned in case of any disaster while PDMA is seen nowhere. He said in Jhudo breaches are plugged in daytime and opened in night time. He said diseases are spreading in the inundated areas. He said people and their cattle heads are dying. He said no medical camp is held in the rain-hit areas.

Haleem Adil said the Sindh government has proved a big failure, adding federal departments and some social organizations are working on ground. He said NGOs hold seminars in five star hotels. He said thousands of people have been displaced and the philanthropists should help them. He demanded audit of the Sindh irrigation department for last 12 years and assets of the corrupt officials should be detected. He said our party workers are spending from their pockets to assist the displaced people.

Ha said rangers and army should got vacated all illegal encroachments. He said in Karachi incidents are happening due to the encroachments. He said any one could build any type of building in Karachi by giving bribe to the corrupt officers of SBCA. He said action should be taken against illegal building mafia. He said police arrest poor people of slum areas but they do not touch multi-storied building erected illegally on occupied China-cutting lands. He said all people involved in encroachments and China-cutting should be taken to the task, irrespective of their political affiliation. He demanded of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to probe which officers of SBCA patronized the construction multi-storied illegal buildings.