Ombudsman Sindh orders KMC to pay dues to lady complainant

KARACHI:Ombudsman Sindh has directed the KMC authorities to ensure immediate payment of remaining service dues on account of gratuity to the lady complainant.

The order was issued on a complaint filed by Ms Naheed Akhter stating that her husband was an employee of Firebrigade Department, KMC, who expired during service in September 2018 and since then, she has been pursuing for payment of pension.service dues and her appointment against deceased quota. Having failed to get proper response, she requested the Ombudsman Office to intervene.

KMC in its comments reported that monthly pension of Rs6,822 was being paid regularly besides payment of Rs599,799 towards provident fund group insurance and arrears of pension, whereas due to paucity of funds amount of gratuity could not be paid to her.

In its subsequent report, it was informed that she has also been appointed as Clerk (BPS-11) against deceased quota. The complainant confirmed the position and expressed her thankfulness for providing assistance to her.