People changing loyalties are coward, tells Sheikh Rashid

RAWALPINDI:Awami Muslim League chief and former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said Tuesday the real conspirators and perpetrators of May 9 carnage should be punished and the innocent people should be released.

In his message on the social networking site Twitter, he vehemently criticized the people who were changing loyalties and called them coward.

“Cowards don't even wait to complete the days of iddat [transition period]. There is a marathon going on to leave the party. The party they will join will also sink,” Sheikh Rashid added.

He said parties were made through the “needy” and "self-serving people", therefore, democracy fails and no government completes five-year term. The prime minister was delivering useless speeches three times a day. They could not run the government, he added.

He enumerated failures of the government – IMF deserted them, rupee devalued to 307 to a dollar, friends abandoned them, political and economic collapse took place. "The poor have no money to bury their dead; they are looking towards Supreme Court after Allah," he said.

The incumbent government has no worth. It has failed to run the affairs of the country, growth has plummeted into negative, and there is a Juma Bazaar in the National Assembly where sale and purchase [of parliamentarians] is going on, Mr Ahmed concluded.