Tuesday, November 29

President asks State Life to pay insurance money with profit to widow

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi on Friday asked the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan (SLICP) to pay the Group Insurance claim with profits to the widow of a fireman from City District Government, Multan, who had died after retirement.

“The insured employee died in June 2016, and it has been six years since his widow is waiting for the insurance claim. Besides pain and agony, even the monetary value decreases”, said the President while upholding the decision of the Wafaqi Mohtasib ordering SLICP to pay the insurance claim to the window along with profits accrued.

The President, after the perusal of the record, rejected the representation on the grounds that a group insurance contract had been executed between the local government and the Agency on 12.03.2008 which provided that each and every employee of the local government in Punjab who is under sixty years of age shall be assured subject to payment of premiums.

He observed that the deceased fireman had paid monthly premiums according to his basic pay scale during his service and all the required documents in this regard were also available. The President held that there was nothing on record to contradict the said observation and that the original order of the Mohtasib was well reasoned warranting no interference.

“The Agency is under an obligation to pay group insurance claim to the complainant in accordance with the group insurance contract”, said the President while rejecting the representation of SLICP.