LARKANA:The members of Sindh Progressive Committee and Sindh Indeginous Rights Alliance took out a large rally from Al-Murtaza House here on Sunday on the call of their Center which after marching through various roads culminated at Jinnah Bagh where they staged a sit-in and held demo against sale of Sindh’s lands to Bahria Town and others, forcible occupation of natural resources of Sindh and dislocating locals in the name of mega projects and development.

The protesters were holding large banners in their hands and were shouting slogans in favour of their just demands. While addressing the participants Khan Ghaffar Khan of Awami Workers Party, Aajiz Machi of Communist Party, Yousuf Patujo of PPP-SB, Dur Muhammad Buriro of Awami Jhamoori Party, Saddar Bhatti of Sindh United Party and others alleged that federal and provincial governments are involved in occupation of the lands of indigenous people and destruction of centuries old villages of Karachi in the name of uplift works.

They said on one hand agricultural lands have been destroyed and poor labourers have been rendered jobless on the other which has created a vacuum between the poor and the rich which will destroy the peaceful environment. Giving examples they quoted Bahria Town, DHA, Commander City, Thar Coal Project and said that peaceful political protesters holding demos for their rights against such high-handedness have been arrested and bogus FIRs have also been registered against them which is highly condemned, unlawful and unconstitutional.

They said the constitution allows peaceful protests for seeking rights then why law abiding political activists have been arrested and why this right has been snatched from them, they questioned.

They demanded the release of Syed Zain Shah, Sanan Qureshi, Comrade Senghar Noonari, other leaders and workers. They further demanded to implement in letter and spirit apex court decision of 4th May 2018 against Bahria Town. They also demanded to make proper laws so that outsiders are banned to settle in Sindh and purchase properties.