PTI to rally from Zaman Park to Data Darbar tomorrow

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has announced a rally tomorrow (Monday) on Sunday. According to the schedule released by the Lahore chapter of the party, the rally will be taken out from Zaman Park at 2 pm on Monday and it will culminate at Data Darbar after passing through Allama Iqbal Road Railway Station. The PTI Lahore president claimed that it will be the biggest rally in the country’s history. The party has approached the Lahore deputy commissioner making a request for granting permission for a rally on March 13.

According to the application, the PTI was not allowed to hold a rally on March 12 while the same day the PML-N held its convention and it was guarded by local police too. The PTI branded it as biased behaviour in the application that adds on March 13, neither the government nor the election commission imposed a ban on the rally. The party also made a request for providing the former prime minister with security.